Yellow fever and what people want to know

There are some diseases often referred to as epidemic. These are the kind that outbreak and claim lives of many. Yellow fever happens to be among the group together with HIV/AIDS and Ebola. Even with a single confirmed case, the public is in panic. Medics know the kind of threat they are facing. Yet the transmission of this disease is super simple. A single mosquito bite might grant you the candidacy. Symptoms will come in a short duration less than a week. Nausea, loss of appetite, back pain, bone pain, chill, and headache are the characteristic signs of the disease. To the inside, the kidneys and the liver suffer damage. Yellow skin can be observed from the outside. Indeed, this is a disease the cause people to raise questions.

How can I contract it?

Contracting the disease is a thing many people do. If you are not yet vaccinated, it’s time to. It’s like living without an immune system. For sure, the disease is deadly and agony is what victims suffer from. Contracting yellow fever requires the presence of an infected mosquito. Not all mosquitoes will give you the disease. A special breed is responsible. Aedes or Haemagogus species are to watch out for. Each of these is capable of giving you the disease. If you are unlucky, and you contract the disease, it’s either one of these forms, the sylvatic or urban fever. The virus behind the two forms is however the same one.

Vaccination and cure

yellow fever vaccinationThe fever is not the kind of disease that is treated in a hospital. Medics know this and they have a solution. Vaccination to every person over 9 months of age is required to the yellow fever prone zones. These are America and Africa. Travelling to these regions from Asia and Europe will require vaccination as well. The best part is that the vaccination will give you protection for a lifetime. For the symptoms, they are very much treatable by applicable means. Talk of high temperatures and headaches that can be treated by use medication like paracetamol.

The record for yellow fever

This fever has its records in the books. That’s how it has been performing for comparison purposes with other diseases. In total, the estimated number of people affected by the disease is 20000. Out of the total, 30000 end up dead. That’s every year as per the approximated values. Surprisingly, Africa gives the largest numbers up to 90% of the total. It’s hence right to say that the disease is common around Africa.

How to curb and prevent

Without the Aedes and the Haemagogus mosquitoes, we would not be talking of the fever. That should tell you that only one thing is to blame. Fortunately, mankind has several ways to keep off mosquitoes. There are repellants that work, mosquito nets and other measures. Again, there are peak hours when mosquitoes are in action. Make sure you are safe then.

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