Proper care of Pets

Owning pets is a personal preference that others have while others do not have. There are some people who love pets and cannot do without them while others cannot stand the site of pets around their environment. Those who love keeping pets need to know the care that comes with handling these pets. They need to be well fed with balanced diets, they need to be cleaned and well groomed and they also need to be treated properly when they fall sick.

Washing the dog

The dog cannot be washed on a daily basis but the truth of the matter is that they need to be washed. The frequency of washing depends on the available time and the preference of the pet’s owner. If it washed daily, it may end up causing the dog to lose its natural skin oil and lose moisture. However when washing the dog, one should use the dog shampoo for dry skin, since it is made with a high moisture content that will enable the dog to maintain a moisturized skin and fur. Always get the best advice from a qualified veterinary officer on the type of shampoo to use in washing the dogs around the area that one lives in.

Prenatal care of the dog and other pets

When the owner realizes that their pets are pregnant, they need to take maximum care of them. This is because, just like human beings, they have a life inside them. The diet should be of particular concern. They should be fed with balanced meals that can support the growth and development of the unborn pet. Also one should give the pregnant pet top rated prenatal vitamins. These will ensure that one has beautiful healthy pets. The prenatal vitamins should be administered under the guidance and supervision of the certified veterinary officer. The pet prenatal vitamins are usually in liquid form and is easily taken when mixed with food.

Hand and paw shakeThe peppermint essential oil for pets

When washing the dog, one can add 100 peppermint essential oil to the water so as to help kill any parasite that may be stuck on them. It acts as a disinfectant and it also leaves the dog with a pleasant scent. The peppermint essential oil can also be used when steaming the dogs for the purposes of clearing the respiratory airways. It has the capability of irritating the mucosal membrane and thus leave the area clear for easier breathing.

The tea tree essential oil

The tea tree oil should be diluted before using it on dogs. Once this is done, it is a suitable remedy used to treat skin infections on dogs and kill any other germs on the skin. It is also widely used to treat ear infections on dogs. Always buy tea tree essential oil from trusted distributors in order to always get original quality.

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