Nothing Beats Driving The PCH With Self Driving German Made Mercedes

Adding Future Driving Technology To Older Cars

Most of the latest car models in the market today include a variety of technologies that automate many aspects of driving, car safety and entertainment among other options. But tech companies every day are also working on smart technologies for cars that we already drive. You therefore don’t have to upgrade to the latest car models in order to enjoy the technology which is revolutionizing driving. If you know the type of tech gadgets you can buy to add to your car, you would still enjoy using most of the smart features dealers and automakers have added to the latest generation of cars. That’s a great excuse to stick to your old car if you don’t have any plans of paying another car loan yet.


Automatic is one of the numerous tech companies creating life changing tech solutions in San Francisco’s Silicon Valley. The company creates tech products aimed at helping drivers enjoy the future of smart driving capabilities with today’s cars. If making your car tech-savvy sounds like a great idea, they you should find out what Automatic Link for only $70 can turn your car into. Did you even know that your car has a computer hidden under the dashboard? Congrats if you already know that because many car owners still don’t know it yet. It’s been forgotten like a black box, but that’s where you will find the port you need to plug in the Automatic Link. The only other thing you will need to do after that is to install an app in your smartphone to connect to your car via the Automatic Link. That’s all you need to realize how smart your car could be.


If you still drive one of those older Mercedes Benz cars, as long as it’s not a pre-1996 car, you only need to invest in quality parts at cheap prices that you can easily find online. With the Automatic Link installed, you don’t need to rush for any of the latest E-Class generation of cars. Your old car will definitely not become smarter like any of the latest E-Class, but now with the tech solutions from Silicon Valley’s Automatic, it will make you safer, driver smarter and enjoy the convenience of controlling your car in ways you never thought could be possible.


With an app for the Automatic Link installed on your smartphone, you now have a Smart Driving Assist. Your smart car will now advise you on how to improve your driving style for fuel efficiency and enhanced safety. It will keep monitoring the engine diagnostics and will let you know what the engine codes mean by translating them into a language you can understand. That helps you determine if the problem with your engine is something you could fix yourself. If an accident occurs, the car will even call for help on your behalf. It would amaze how a small dongle inserted into your car’s OBD-II port and an app on your smartphone could monitor driving patterns, speed, braking, acceleration and a lot more.


Your smartphone is the new digital hub that connects to a variety of systems to make your life easier than you could imagine. You will even be surprised that Automatic is not the only tech startup in Silicone Valley investing in future digital auto technologies. Even as you invest in smart tech gadgets that promise to turn your older car model into the future driving machine, don’t forget to keep it well maintained with the best Mercedes Benz parts you can find online.


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