Fun Things to Do in Falls Church VA

Falls Church is a very family friendly town, so if you are planning a budget-friendly family vacation, this may be just the right place for you.  If you are interested in farmers markets and festivals with moon bounces and pony rides, this may be the place where you can spend your next perfect vacation. There are a number of exciting things to do in in this town, from visiting historical sites and renowned cultural institutions to exploring local attractions. If you love spending times outdoor, you will have a lot of fun on amazing sights at Falls Church. Check our list of attractions and activities to plan a perfect trip to Falls Church.

Eden Center

Eden Center is a shopping centre located in Fall River, and it represents a very beloved place to the Vietnamese-American community. This pace was opened over more than forty years ago, and it has significantly expanded and developed in the last few years. It was first a small shopping center, and nowadays it has become a huge shopping mall.

You can easily spend your entire day here, because this is the place you can find everything, from small eateries and bakeries to beauty stores, bookstores, jewelry shops and gift shops. If you come to visit, besides shopping, you also must try authentic Vietnamese cuisine and their delicious meals.

The Cherry Hill Farmhouse

The Cherry Hill Farmhouse is a museum that was built in the first half of the 19th century. It is built in Neoclassic style, also known as Greek Revival style, and it belonged to a wealthy farm family. After the World War II, it became the property of the city of Falls Church. The city government transformed it into a museum and preserved it as a building of historical significance. Today, the Cherry Hill Farmhouse is registered on the National Register of Historic Places.

Malee Thai Massage & Bodywork

If you are tired from shopping and sightseeing, on your visit to Falls Church, you should also take some time to visit Malee Thai Massage & Bodywork. After exploring the interiors of the city, you will definitely enjoy a long, relaxing massage that will evoke and relax all of your five senses.

The State Theatre

The State Theatre is a restaurant and concert venue that was built in the first half of the 19th century. It first operated as a movie theatre, and after 1988, it became a restaurant and a concert venue. The first movie shown in the State was Thanks a Million starring Dick Powell, and the last movie was Die Hard starring Bruce Willis. In 1988, when the State closed, a huge restoration project was planned. In the late 90s, it finally turned into a venue for live music and private events. You can visit this place by taking the Metro. The closest station to the venue is the East Falls Church Metro station. Events that are held here are amazing, so you must visit if you have the time.

Ultrazone Laser Tag

This a great place to have fun if you love old arcade games, shooting games and dancing machines. You can also try video golf and air hockey. Most importantly, you have a multi-level laser tag arena at your disposal to have fun with your friends. This gaming facility also has detailed score-cards that explain to the players how well they did in the games and laser tag. The atmosphere is beautiful, and besides a variety of games, you can also enjoy tasty fast food and great music.

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