Dublin plumbers excited about new installations in water heating 

Water heating plays a major role in everyday life of people all over the world. There is nothing more comforting than a hot shower on a cold morning, or after a hard time at work. It helps to wake up a sleepy mind and body, and to refresh and relax exhausted muscles. Also, it helps in maintaining the clean skin, through removing excess oil and dirt. For generations, people have been willing to spend their money on having the water heater installed in their house, because of all the benefits it provides. A water heater has the vital function of heating water that is delivered through faucets and taps, for bathing, cooking, and other purposes. It is always better to hire professionals to install it, rather than doing it yourself.


As it goes with every aspect of our lives these days, water heating is also advancing, and new installations and technologies are being invented and presented to the public. The most excited about these new installations are the professionals who work in this field, the plumbers. They are looking forward to including these inventions into their current way of providing services.

New water heating solutions are more energy-efficient than before, and this is crucial because we live in a society which uses too much energy, more than it is needed. It is important to keep an eye toward the future and to develop new technologies, with the purpose of creating a more energy efficient world.

When it comes to new inventions, one of them is called the Fosman. This is a heating device that uses friction instead of fossil fuels, and with it, there will be no need for using fossil fuel or wood burning furnaces to heat homes. Because it develops its heat from friction, there is no energy-consuming heating element within. All it uses is synthetic oil, which spins inside a small space between two iron cylinders and heats up. Heating up the oil leads to heating up the metal. This device becomes more efficient and uses less wattage the hotter it gets. It pushes out heat in an environmentally friendly way.


Using thermoelectricity in water heating can also lead to using less energy. A solid-state heat pump is being developed at the moment, and it relies on thin thermoelectric modules to heat water, with very low energy consumption. Solar water heaters are also environmentally-friendly, and they are a cost-effective alternative to traditional kinds of water heaters. These water heaters can be used in any climate, and are powered by the sun. They consist of storage tanks and solar collectors. These collectors absorb the solar energy and transfer heat to circulate throughout a storage tank full of water. This water is then used for cooking, baths, washing machines, and dishwashers. If they don’t have it already, most people look forward to water heater installation, as it provides them with hot water needed for leading a normal life. Some of those people who already have a water heater in their homes look forward to replacing it with innovations in this field, to save money by using more energy-efficient solutions.

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