What to Consider When Filing For Bankruptcy

Do you feel like your current financial status is overwhelming you with crisis after crisis? Is the menace of debt engulfing you left right and centre? Are you considering filing for bankruptcy to help you resolve your financial situation? Well, there are many reasons why you could be in a financial crisis and the reasons why you need to get out of it cannot be overemphasized. If you want to file for bankruptcy here are things you need to consider in order that you do not get to regret much later why you opted for this choice.

Is it worth it?

Considering your financial situations and all other options that might be available to you ask yourself if filing for bankruptcy will be worth it for you. There are many problems that come with bankruptcy that you should consider because your future or the future of your business could depend on this one decision. It is important to consider the outcomes that could have a negative effect on your life rather than add value to you. There could be other less detrimental options you could pursue and solve your debt problems without all the humiliation and stigmatization of filing for bankruptcy.

To hire a lawyer or not

Do you want to get the services of a lawyer or you want to file for the application yourself. Filing for bankruptcy is not an easy procedure and some forms you need to fill have even been labeled by some people as the hardest public service forms to fill. Even harder than filing a tax return for some people since you need to do a lot of calculations and answer 85 questions in a 7 page form called the “means test”, which proves to be really mean. Consider whether you can be able to get through the rigorous process on your own or you will need to get a lawyer to assist you through the process. Other professionals offering bankruptcy help are a debt relief agency or a paper preparer in case you don’t want to use a lawyer for whatever reasons.


Hiring an attorney to see you through the process of filing for bankruptcy is an expensive endeavor. There are also court charges which you will be required to pay. The charges on the attorney are the most inhibiting and keep going up year after year. Consider if you can handle the expenses that come with the procedure. You can visit attorney’s directory for more information.

After all is said and done filing for bankruptcy should be your last option even when you can afford it and it should be done with a lot of caution since it affects you in many ways than you may know how.


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