The benefits of attic conversions

      Do you live with your family in a house? If you do, you know that once your family begins to grow and expand, you will have to think about buying and moving into a bigger house. However, these days, there is an increased uncertainty when it comes to the housing market, and with that in mind, an increasing number of families are deciding to renovate or expand their current houses, instead of buying new ones. These days, one of the most popular ways of expanding your house in order to increase the living space are probably attic conversions.


  In most cases, the parents decide to convert their attics so as to create master bedrooms for themselves. Usually, the parents give their old room to the oldest child in the family, while the other bedroom is thus freed up for another, younger child. Another way of converting or renovating an attic is by installing a skylight, for example, thus giving it a panoramic view. The sights of a gorgeous sunrise or star filled night sky are more than enough to make someone decide to convert their attic. Yet another benefit of converting your attic is that a new master bedroom with such a spectacular view can be used as an excellent guestroom for relatives and friends during holiday periods. Other great uses that attic conversions can have are for people who consider themselves artists, or just have and artistic side. Sculptors, writers, artists and others can draw large amounts of inspiration from a spacious, light filled room with a great view, that is separated from the rest of the house. Musicians also fall into that category of artists who can have great benefits from attic conversions, as well as their families, who will appreciate being spared from the noise. For this purpose, attics are usually made soundproof. This procedure obviously adds to the overall cost, but can prove, over time, invaluable to someone who plays instruments like an electric guitar or drums. Those who want to run their business endeavors from their homes can also benefit greatly from attic conversions. People who have precise ideas, skills and/or knowledge can efficiently turn their attics into ad-hoc laundry rooms or some kind of nurseries. Also, running your own business without any distractions is always a great plus and something everyone wishes for. You can focus much better on your work and business without the everyday hustle and bustle taking place around your house. Another great idea of converting your attic is to make it into a gym. The possible en-suite and the light airy space can provide you with the perfect place to train and work out. In the end, when thinking long term, it will prove much cheaper to have a gym of your own than pay for gym membership.

   If you want to convert your attic to your preferences and you are interested in attic conversions Dublin has to offer, you can get in contact with a number of companies that offer those kinds of services. One of those companies is 5 Star Attics, a Lucan based business that serves the entire area of Dublin. If you’d like to know more, you can visit for more information.


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